I forgive you.

Three words that hold so much power.

Three words that can dramatically change your life.

Three words that can release you from a prison with unseen bars.

These three words will set you free if you can bring yourself to say them.  But, you have to mean them.  And I mean really mean them.  You can say them out loud, say them silently or write them down on paper.  Sometimes all it takes is for you to say them in your heart.  Whichever way you choose, just make sure you do it.  And mean it.

There are so many reasons why we feel we are unable to forgive someone.  Maybe they wronged you.  Maybe they wronged someone you love.  Maybe they behaved horribly.  I literally could go on and on here.  Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter the reason you feel you can’t forgive someone.  What matters is that you do.

Not forgiving someone is living in a negative state of mind.  Nothing good comes of it….ever.  There’s a saying that goes something like “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies”.   What that basically means is that not forgiving others is only hurting ourselves.  Many times the person you can’t forgive doesn’t even care that you can’t forgive them.  It doesn’t bother them in the least. They just go about their life.  Meanwhile, you are over there stewing in anger about what they did or didn’t do.  The only one being bothered by it is you.  That anger builds on top of itself.  It grows like a cancer and spreads.  It permeates every area of your life if you let it.  Soon, it imprisons you.

The only way we can release ourselves from that prison is to forgive.  Forgiving a person from whatever they did does not mean that what they did is okay.  It doesn’t mean you like what they did.  It doesn’t mean you will allow it to happen again.  You don’t even have to see or talk to them again if that’s what you choose.  It just means that you forgive them.  And then YOU can go about your life.

In my own life I denied many people forgiveness for a very long time.  Things they had done seriously made my blood boil.  I couldn’t fathom what would make them do the things they had done.  I guess I won’t ever know the answer.  But, what I do know is that holding that anger and resentment towards them and not forgiving them only hurt ME, not them.  I had to learn to forgive them, even when they weren’t sorry.  I had to learn to accept an apology that I may never get.  I had to learn to…..just let it go.  When I finally did this I found an inner peace inside myself that I didn’t even know was possible to have.  In finding forgiveness I’ve found the key to unlock the door on the prison I locked myself in.  I wish I had of found that key a long time ago.