The month of November usually brings a rush of thankful feelings to most people. I guess it’s Thanksgiving that’s behind those feelings.  It’s wonderful and great that we do give our thanks on this holiday but really, we should be giving our thanks all year long instead of on just one day in late November.  We should wake up every morning thankful that we did wake up.  We should be thankful that we have a bed to sleep in, a  roof over our head and food in the pantry.  This is a luxury afforded to us that many others do not have.  Being thankful and grateful was something I rarely was, except when I was saying grace on Thanksgiving, and even then that thankfulness wasn’t really from the heart.  It was scripted from a blessing I learned a long time ago as a little child and I rushed through it which gave it no real meaning.  I was a lifelong negative thinker and those kinds of people rarely express thanks and gratitude.  Thankfully (THANKFULLY!!) I turned my negative thinking around this year and implemented positive thinking where it didn’t exist before.  It has been life changing for me and I’m so happy I was shown the way to be a positive thinker and in turn, effectively changing my life for the better.  I’d like to list just a few of the many things in my life that I’m thankful and grateful for here in this post.

The number one thing I’m thankful for is my family.  I have a husband who loves me, no matter what.  He’s stuck by me through some very rough times.  He’s my best friend and I’m grateful for the middle of the night chats we have that last for hours. He’s very loyal to his family and has given things up for us without a second thought.  He always puts us first, no matter what.  He’s just an amazing man and I’m proud to be his wife.

I’m thankful for my children.  They’ve grown up from curious babies into the most wonderful young adults and I could not be more proud of them both.  My relationship with them both has evolved to include a friendship, too.  My daughter has blossomed into the most amazing young woman.  She’s a free spirit and a very talented artist.  She speaks up for herself and is a strong person.  She is focused on the good ahead of her and I am thankful for the clarity she’s received over the past few years.  My son has really grown into his own over the last couple of years.  He’s confident and brave and he knows where he’s going in life.  He’s an amazing artist, too, just like my daughter.  He’s smart enough to recognize when things need to be changed in order to move forward and I applaud his bravery in doing just that.  I’m thankful that he is not like most other young men his age.  He has the maturity of someone that’s much older than he is.

I’m thankful for the roof over our head and the circumstances in which it came to be.  I’m grateful for the hand up we received in having this roof over our heads.  I am confident that I’ll be able to repay the kindness and grace shown to us in the most appropriate way.

I’m grateful for the food in our fridge and pantry, even when it’s sparse.  I know that many people don’t even has as much as we do.

I’m thankful for the difficulties and struggles that I’ve been through in my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  Every time I conquered a mountain I came out on the other side stronger than I was before and better prepared for the next mountain.  Though I’m climbing a really scary mountain right now I know I CAN and WILL get over it because I’ve done it so many times before.

I’m grateful for one particularly ugly night in October six years ago because that’s the night God stepped in and picked me up off the floor and saved me.  He heard my prayers for help and saw my tears of despair and scooped me up and showed me what it was like to believe in Him where I didn’t really before.  He directed me to where I needed to be all along.  He showed me grace even though I doubted His existence for so long.  I’m especially thankful and grateful for this one night and how it changed me for the better.

I’m thankful for the difficult relationships I’ve had in life because they showed me what I do and don’t want and need in my life.   I’m grateful for the family members that showed their unkindness because it finally made me see things in a new perspective and that I’m not responsible for their actions and the results of those actions afterward.  I say a prayer for them because they need it.  That’s all I can give them at this point in time because having them in my life right now brings unhappiness and negativity to it and I don’t want that.  I’m thankful for the jobs I had in the past that didn’t work out because it showed me what type of employer you should not be and how you shouldn’t treat people.  I’ve just gone through this again recently and it taught me a very valuable lesson on mistakes that I will never repeat again.  Having difficult relationships teaches us so much about ourselves and it helps us to have better relationships in the future.

I’m grateful for the amazing friends I have in my life.  Some of those have been in my life since day one and some of them for just a few months.  Each and every one of them brings something unique to the table and they have enriched my life in vastly different ways.  They each have taught me something different and I am so very thankful they were brought into my life.  As I wrote in an earlier post “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends”.  This quote is courtesy of Clarence Oddbody, the angel who saves George Bailey from wanting to end his life in the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  That’s my favorite movie of all time and I’ve seen it so many times I’ve lost count.

I’m thankful for the recent realization that I’ve been given gifts from God above and that I was told what I was supposed to do with those gifts.  I’m grateful for the three words He sent into my head and the explanation of those words directly after.  I’m thankful He chose me as the vehicle for this task and I intend to put all my best efforts into fulfilling those tasks as He directed me to.  I’m so grateful to be here bringing The Micah Principle to you.

There are so many more things I am thankful and grateful for.  It’s a never-ending list that changes all the time.  Things get added to that list every day.  I’ll continue to give my thanks and gratitude every morning when I open my eyes and every night before I close them.  I’ll continue to say “thank you” many times during the day for the big things right down to the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things.  It’s the thankfulness and gratitude we show that brings more good things back to us and we all need to remember to say thank you.  Make it a habit and see how it changes your life.  I think this week at the dinner table on Thanksgiving I’ll give a more heartfelt thanks for all the blessings in my life than the usual quick prayer of thanks I’ve said for many years.  Maybe I’ll read this post to my family to let them know just how thankful and grateful I am for them.