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Happiness is an inside job


Happiness is the one thing that we all want in life.  I’d say it’s pretty much the number one desired thing in the world.  Yet, so many people never find it…..not ever. They spend their lives chasing happiness in other people, places, experiences or tangible objects only to never find it.  I did the same thing myself for years until I discovered where to look.  It was somewhere I hadn’t looked before.  Somewhere I didn’t even THINK to look.  I found true happiness……inside myself.  It was right in front of me all along. Continue reading

Zach…..Fed Up with his addictions


I’ve come to believe that there are no coincidences in life.  People are brought into our lives for a specific reason.  It’s all preordained in my honest opinion.  When I was given the idea of The Micah Principle I was told that it means “Though I fall I will rise again”, meaning simply that we all fall down in life but that we MUST get back up. I was told that the purpose of it was to gather stories from people who have done just that and to publish them here.  The end result of it would be to inspire others and give them hope….to help them understand that if someone else overcame an obstacle or tragedy in their life that they can, too.

Zach’s story is the first one to be shared after my story.   I met Zach after seeing a video of him on the Facebook page for a local church Continue reading

I can see clearly now


Back in the early 1970’s there was a song written and recorded by Johnny Nash called “I Can See Clearly Now”.  It’s a catchy little song with happy lyrics.  I’d sing along with it every time it came on the radio.  Even though I knew every word by heart I never really listened to the song.  I just sang the words on auto-pilot.   Continue reading

Speak what you WANT to be, not what you THINK you are

I Wish

I had a little revelation recently about how I define myself. This light bulb that went off over my head came after I had left church.  I talked to the pastor about The Micah Principle and explained to him what it was, how it came about through divine inspiration and what I wanted it to be. Continue reading

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