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We are all indelible


The dictionary defines the word indelible as “impossible to remove or forget” and “lasting, unforgettable and memorable“.  It can be used to reference something you see, as in “That Broadway play left an indelible impression on me”.  It can reference a place you go to, as in “The trip we took to Mexico was my family’s most indelible experience”.  Another way this word is used is to describe a person, as in “I met the most amazing person.  He left an indelible mark on my life”. Continue reading

Inspired thought comes at the strangest times

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The past several years have brought some startling changes to my life.  Some of those changes were unwelcome at first only to become welcome ones after the fact. Everything in life is a learning process.  This year has brought about some very welcome changes for me personally.  Historically, I had always been a very negative person.  The glass was never half empty for me; it was nearly dry and there was no more to refill it. Continue reading

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