There are many types of relationships in this world……dating, marriage, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and so forth.  Sometimes those relationships are good.  They can even be spectacular.  But sometimes they aren’t so good.  They can be downright awful.  You may have put your heart and soul into it but no matter what you do or how hard you try it’s still no good. It has literally sucked the life right out of you.  You’ve exhausted all your efforts into the relationship and it probably won’t ever be good.  When that happens you’ve experienced relationship bankruptcy and it’s best to file your Chapter 7 on it and move on.

While it may sound terrible to give up on a relationship sometimes you have to do it for your own self-preservation.  Relationship’s are a two-way street.  They need to be reciprocal.  If you are the only one doing the work in the relationship you’re going to eventually grow resentful of the other person’s lack of commitment.    If one person does all the giving while the other does all the taking there is no balance in that.   The scales are tipped to one side or the other and that will always leave the person on the short end feeling slighted.

If you are in a relationship with another person (partner, family, friend, coworker, etc) and they are not bringing anything positive to the relationship then it’s probably in your best interest to leave the situation.  You shouldn’t stay anywhere that’s negative.  Negativity breeds more negativity and that’s not a healthy way to live.  We all need our relationships to be positive, whether they’re personal or professional.

I’ve had relationships that had to end for the sake of my own sanity.  Some of those relationships were hard to close the door on as the people they were with were close to me.  I tried for a long time to make things work but in the end it just could not happen.  It was either let this person remain in my life or lose more and more of myself in the process of letting them stay.  I don’t think any relationship is worth you losing yourself or your own sanity over.   Was it hard to leave the relationship? Absolutely.  Did I feel guilty for ending it?  I sure did (and still do).  Did I feel a sense of relief in ending the relationship?  For the most part yes, with the exception of the guilty feelings over ending it.  But, guilty feelings aside, I made the right choice, not for the other person but for ME.  I chose to put myself first over the other person who probably never cared as much (or at all) as I did.  Putting myself first wasn’t an act of selfishness, it was an act of mercy on myself.

I’m working towards 100% positive relationships in my life.  I’m not quite there yet but I will be eventually.  I lived too many years with negative relationships and I don’t want to go back to living that way.  It’s miserable and it made me unhappy.  I want only happiness and positivity for the rest of my days here and I’m striving to make all my relationships fit that description.