I write a lot about positive thinking and how it can change your life.  I can talk (or write) all day long about how thinking positively instead of negatively can make a huge impact on your life.  While it’s nice to read about it it finally dawned on me that some people need definitive proof of some things.  I’m a visual learner and things sink into my brain better by seeing them as opposed to hearing them.   That means I love books with pictures……LOTS of pictures.  Seeing a picture helps me to remember the information I’ve learned so much better than by just reading about it.

When I learned about the power of positive thinking last year I was amazed at how quickly it could turn things around.  I implemented positive thoughts into my relationships with people and those relationships turned around for the better almost immediately.  Instead of thinking negative thoughts about them I chose to think positive thoughts instead.  The relationships flourished, almost magically.

There have been scientific studies that prove the effects of positive thoughts and words.  A friend of mine sent me some YouTube videos to watch where someone did experiments on freezing water droplets using both positive and negative words.  When positive words such as love, peace and happiness were spoken the water froze into beautiful crystal shapes like tiny snowflakes.  When negative words were used such as hate, war and the name of a dictator who had killed many people the water did not freeze in the same beautiful shapes.  It froze instead into shapes that were different, not beautiful at all.  The water absorbed the positive and negative words with completely opposite results.  It remembered what it had just heard and reacted to it accordingly. The experiment proved what a profound difference positive and negative words have on things.

I also read a book earlier this year called Angel Words, written by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue.  In the book they write about how using positive words makes a difference instead of using negative ones.  They recorded positive words and their negative opposites and compared what each word looked like on a computerized graph.  To me it looks like the high and low marks on a lie detector test.  All the positive, high vibration words had high up and down lines.  The negative, low vibration words had low up and down lines.  There was a very discernible difference in those positive and negative words.  This experiment proved again how positive and negative words have very different effects.

The freezing water YouTube videos and the recorded words experiment above are visual proof of the difference between positive and negative words.  They don’t just tell us the impact of positive and negative words, they actually show us.  That’s the equivalent of an amazing picture book to me.  It’s also just what the “proof-in-the-pudding” kind of people need in order to see the vast difference in positive and negative words.

I have my own example of how positive and negative thoughts can affect things. My mom passed away last year and someone sent a peace lily plant to her funeral. When the funeral was over I stood there looking at that plant and thought to myself “Ugh!  I have to take you home because I can’t leave you here but it isn’t going to be pretty.  You’re going to die just like all the other plants I’ve had over the years because I’m a serial murderer of plants.”  With a loud sigh I put the peace lily in my car and drove home with it, wondering the whole time how long it would be before the plant died the same horrible death all it’s predecessors did. When I got home I put it on a glass plate on the table behind my couch, right next to my kitchen.  I walked past the plant countless times a day.  I looked at it every time I walked by.  I looked at it every time I sat down at the kitchen table.  Every time I looked at it though I didn’t think about the sad demise it would have like all the plants I’d had before. When I looked at it I thought about my mom and how much I loved her.   I thought only positive thoughts when I looked at the plant.  I didn’t have any negative thoughts about the plant at all.  There was never any negative thoughts being directed to it, just positive ones.  Because of this something utterly amazing happened……something that has never, ever happened to me before.   I KEPT A PLANT ALIVE. That’s right, the plant did NOT die.  It lived instead.  It even bore some flowers here and there.  I have kept this plant alive for 1 year and 8 months. That’s 611 glorious days.  The miracle behind this is the positive thoughts I am sending out to this plant every single time I look at it.  There is nothing but love, the highest vibration of all, being sent out to it.  This beautifully alive peace lily is my definitive, visual proof that positive thoughts most certainly DO make a difference.  And the picture of this living peace lily is worth more than a thousand written words.