There are some days when we feel like we just can’t go on any longer.  No matter what, we just CAN’T.  There are a thousand problems with no answers.  Some are small but some are of great magnitude.  We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and it gets heavier by the second.  We try to lift the weight off but we can’t.  We feel defeated.  These are the days that we feel deep in our core like just giving up.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs.   Sometimes it pulls the rug out from underneath us.  Sometimes it barrels over us like an out of control Mack truck and then backs up and repeats the process a few times.  We wonder how much more we can take.  Sometimes after that, we are burdened with even more.  There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel in all the mess.  We’ve tried to find that light but we just can’t see it.

We have a mountain in front of us that is so big that we can’t even see the top of it. Since we can’t see that mountain top we aren’t even sure if it’s really even there. We’re scared.  We’re afraid.  We have a pit in our stomach that’s eating away at us. If we can’t see the mountain top then how can we even make it up there?  We feel like falling to our knees right there at the foot of the mountain and staying there. But…..we can’t.  We have to get up.

There is a quote by Confucius that says “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”.  That quote means that to chip away at any big problem you have to start small and work in baby steps.  You can’t always fix the whole problem at one time or right away.  It needs to be done in small, manageable steps. In doing this we can celebrate the small victories when we overcome those small steps.  Those small victories renew us to keep going to tackle the next part of the problem until we’ve finally conquered the whole mountain.  But, we will never conquer that mountain without taking that first small step.

I have a mountain in front of me right now that looks taller than Mount Everest. That’s the tallest mountain in the world at just under 30,000 feet high.  Many people have climbed that mountain.  Many of them didn’t survive.  But, some did survive.  They survived because of sheer will and determination to get to the top of that mountain.  They started at the bottom and climbed Mount Everest ONE STEP AT A TIME.  That’s the mindset I must have right now.  I have to take my first step and climb up each small stone as it comes before me.  I have to conquer each of those small stones one at a time.  When I’m done with that small stone, on to the next.  With my own sheer will and determination I’ll make it to the top of my Mount Everest.  It may not be in the timeframe that some people think it should be but that’s beyond my control.  At least I’m making the climb.  And when I finally do get to the top of my Mount Everest I think I’ll sit there a while and reflect on the small steps that got me up that mountain so I’ll know how to handle the next climb. I’ll know that by carrying away the small stones I will be able to move my mountain.