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The past several years have brought some startling changes to my life.  Some of those changes were unwelcome at first only to become welcome ones after the fact. Everything in life is a learning process.  This year has brought about some very welcome changes for me personally.  Historically, I had always been a very negative person.  The glass was never half empty for me; it was nearly dry and there was no more to refill it.  Earlier this year I watched a movie about positive thinking and it was life changing for me.  I immediately put into effect what I had learned about positive thinking and my relationships with people changed almost overnight.  Focusing on their positive attributes instead of their negative ones made such a monumental difference.  It also brought an inner peace to me that had been absent my whole life.  My family and friends noticed the change in me and I was happy to tell them what had brought about that change.

From watching that movie I began to follow the teachings of other people who had implemented positive thinking to manifest many good things into their own lives.  I read the books they wrote, I listened to them on YouTube and followed them on social media.  I listened to them on my iPod while I was outside and on my Kindle while I was doing other things.  I took my Kindle in the car with me to listen to them while I was out.  I started listening to them on my iPod while I was grocery shopping.  One of the people I was listening to talked about inspired thought and how when it hits you that you should just go with it.

I was out in my backyard one day recently cleaning up after my dog.  I was listening to one of these people on my iPod.  As I walked around the yard with the shovel in my hand an idea shot into my head like a lightening bolt.  It was so strong that it took me by surprise when it happened.  I heard three words shouted inside my head right at that moment.  The Micah Principle.  Even though I had never heard those three words put together as a phrase before somehow I immediately knew what they meant.  The Micah Principle means simply “Though I fall I will rise again”. That’s it.  That is exactly what it means–that we all fall down in life but that we MUST get back up again.  We cannot stay down in defeat.  We were not meant to stay down.  We were meant to get back up and carry on in victory.  Life is not always happy and sunny.  Sometimes it’s sad and full of black clouds.  But, it’s that sadness and black clouds that helps us to appreciate all the good in our lives.  It builds our character and shapes us into better versions of ourselves.  If we stay down when we fall we will never know how sweet the victory of getting back up is.

One of my favorite quotes in the Bible is Micah 7.8 and part of that verse says what I wrote above–“Though I fall I will rise again”.   I’d like to think that the idea of The Micah Principle was divinely inspired.  I can’t offer any other rational explanation for it.  I feel like it was sent screaming into my head for a reason; that it was my very own epiphany of inspired thought and that I’m supposed to do something good with it.  That’s the vision that came along with that lightning bolt shooting into my head and that’s what I intend to do.