Happiness is the one thing that we all want in life.  I’d say it’s pretty much the number one desired thing in the world.  Yet, so many people never find it…..not ever. They spend their lives chasing happiness in other people, places, experiences or tangible objects only to never find it.  I did the same thing myself for years until I discovered where to look.  It was somewhere I hadn’t looked before.  Somewhere I didn’t even THINK to look.  I found true happiness……inside myself.  It was right in front of me all along.

In our quest to find true happiness we look for it everywhere.   We can try looking for it in a new person in our life.  Maybe you are unhappy with your partner and think that a new one will bring happiness.  They won’t.  If you were unhappy in the last relationship you’ll be unhappy in the next one, and the next one and the next one.  We look for it by buying a new house or by moving to a new city.   It won’t be there.  We look for it by trying something new.  Sometimes that something new is really bad for you and you end up addicted to that new something.  Happiness most definitely is not found there.  Sometimes we try to find happiness by filling our closets full of new clothes.  Or by buying an expensive new car.  Or by having the latest whatever.  Happiness is not going to be found in any of the above.

What I said may sound negative to some but it actually isn’t.  What I said is the truth and here’s why.  Happiness is internal.  It is not external.  What that means is that there is nothing or no one who will make us happy except ourselves.  That’s right…….ourselves.  Let me be explicitly clear about this……WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN HAPPINESS.  It is no one else’s responsibility to make us happy.  That’s our job and ours alone.  It may sound crazy to some but it’s true.  If we are unhappy with anything in our life it’s because we are unhappy on the inside.  We won’t ever be happy externally until we are happy internally.

I finally learned the key to true happiness last year.  I went through my whole life feeling unhappy with everything.  I was unhappy in my small house.  The bigger house didn’t make me happier.  Actually, that bigger house made me even unhappier than I was before.  I was unhappy with certain situations in my life.  I changed them but I was still unhappy.  I could not figure out why.  I thought if I changed them then I would certainly be happier.  I racked my brains for years trying to figure out why I felt so unhappy inside.  It wasn’t until I learned that happiness is inside of us that things finally fell into place.  The light bulb went off with that revelation and suddenly I became a happier person.  It was just the most amazing thing.

I tell everyone now how they will only find happiness inside themselves.  Some listen.  Some don’t.  I’m actually very sad for those who don’t listen because they will never know the sheer joy of true happiness until they understand that it comes from inside themselves.  They will never find happiness in any person, place or thing outside themselves.  You can look far and wide and never find it.  It lies only inside yourself. You have the key to your own happiness……you always did. You were just trying the key in the wrong door.   The door to happiness lies INSIDE OF YOU.