Graciously receiving

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s better to give than to receive”.   This means that it’s better for you to give something than expect to receive something.  That phrase is so very true but it also leads to the question “If everyone is giving then who’s receiving?”  Well, the answer is simple.  Through giving, we are ALL receiving.  

When you give what you receive back is so much more than what you’ve given away.  Whether it’s money, time, love or a tangible item, what you’ll ultimately receive back will be so much greater than what you’ve chosen to part with.  It may not come back to you right away but it WILL come back to you.  You probably won’t receive it back from the person you gave it away to either, but that’s ok.  You absolutely will receive the goodness back from someone, someway, somehow. Think of it as paying it forward.

When you give something it puts you in a positive, high vibration.  The result of that, aside from having an overall good feeling, is that you open yourself up to receive more good.  The more you give, the more you receive.  So, in giving, you are receiving.  If someone wants to give you something you shouldn’t deny it.  You should receive it graciously and give your sincere thanks for it.

Just the other day my daughter was the very surprised recipient of a giving event that started with an interaction I had with someone in a store.  I wrote the following about it on The Micah Principle’s Facebook page:

“The most amazing thing just happened. My daughter and I were in Office Max so she could order business cards. The woman next to me had a bible study book in her hand and I asked her what it was. We chatted for a minute and I told her I write a blog and what it was about. She said she was going to look it and that she had a friend who was in a bad place in her life and needed to hear the message of The Micah Principle and what it meant. She said she would pass the blog’s name to that friend. Another woman came in that the first woman knew and that woman said “Happy New Year!” to me and I replied back with the same. She said it was a good year and that God had certainly blessed her. She showed the first woman a glass scarf decoration she had found at Goodwill yesterday for $1.99. I told her how beautiful it was and that my daughter would love it. I walked over to where my daughter was and a few minutes later the first woman came over and said she was glad to have met me and that she’d give the friend she told me about the name of my blog and she hoped it would help her. She then handed my daughter the other woman’s scarf with the beautiful glass decoration on it and said her friend told her it was obviously meant for her. I asked if her friend was still here and she said no, she didn’t want to be-that she wanted it given after she was gone. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless as she graciously received her gift. This was an amazing thing that happened. My daughter needed this to happen to her today after the last few weeks of some very rough stuff going on. The feeling she’s got inside her can’t be bought with all the money in the world. God blesses us in the smallest, most amazing ways.”

This is an absolutely true story.  I’m still stunned that it happened. The woman who gave the scarf with the decoration on it did not want to be there when the first woman gave it to my daughter.  She evidently did not want any fanfare or recognition for her selfless act of generosity.  She told her friend that it was obviously meant for my daughter and that’s why she gave it to her friend to give to my daughter.  I call that a God moment right there.  I know that woman left Office Max walking on cloud nine and that’s a feeling that cannot be bought.  In giving to another she received back a feeling that was worth much more than the scarf and glass decoration.  She also opened herself up to receive more good back to her in the future.

Those two woman have no idea how they lifted my daughter’s spirits.  My daughter has been going through some serious health and financial difficulties recently.  It has been weighing so heavily on her mind and has caused her much stress.  It’s brought her to her knees, making her wonder exactly why it’s all happening to her.  The night before we were at Office Max my daughter had a near break down from all the stress.  Thankfully I was able to calm her down but the worry was (and is) still there.  When the first woman I had chatted with came over and gave my daughter the scarf with the glass decoration on it the immediate result was that my daughter was placed in a high, positive vibration.  She was filled with such a good feeling inside and she really, really needed it that day.  Later that day and for several days afterward my daughter had a number of good, positive things happen to her.  She was in a good vibration because of what happened at Office Max and she was open to receiving good into her life.  Had she been in a bad vibration I doubt these good things would have come to her.

I am terrible with names but I never forget a face.  If I ever see either one of these women again I will recognize them immediately.  I think the first woman I talked to at Office Max was named Kathy and I think she said her friend’s name was Veronica. I wish I could remember their names exactly and find them so I could tell them how this affected my daughter in such a positive way.  If either one of them happens to read this from me telling the first woman the name of my blog I do hope they will contact me.  I’d love to tell them both myself what a difference their giving event made for my daughter.  I’d love to also tell them to keep giving because it will come back to them somewhere down the line.  I want them to know that their gift to my daughter was very graciously received.