Faith is defined in the dictionary as a strong belief or trust in someone or something.  It also means having a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Faith is not something you can see.  You can’t touch it or hear it.  You can’t hold it in your hand and you can’t capture it and save it in a jar.  Faith is not tangible.  Faith is instead something that is felt inside you.

Faith can mean different things to people.  You can have faith in your partner that they will be loyal to you.  You can have faith that you’ll get that new job that will improve your income.  You can have faith that your medical tests will come back with good results.  You can have faith about a lot of things.  Having faith is believing that these things will happen, even when you aren’t sure exactly how they will happen.

Prior to just over six years ago faith was something I never had.  That was the result of my years long borderline atheism.  Faith and atheism just aren’t part of the same package.  They cannot coexist peacefully because faith is what you have when you believe in God and atheists don’t believe in His existence.  Thankfully I was pulled out of my borderline atheism after the events of one night which I never want to relive again.  God saw fit to reach down and pull me out of the dark waters just before I went under for good.  For His grace, I will ALWAYS be thankful.

Over the years since that night faith has played a big part of my life.  There have been many times when faith was all I had.  Although many tangible things were ripped away my faith was something that couldn’t be taken from me.  I didn’t buy it so it couldn’t be repossessed.  I didn’t borrow it so I didn’t have to return it.  I didn’t steal it so I couldn’t be accused of taking it.  Faith was something that was given to me as a gift.  Faith came along with finally believing in God.  My faith belongs to ME and no one else.  I am keeping it.  You can take every other thing away from me but you cannot take away my faith.

Faith is what is driving me these days. Faith is forcing me to keep my head up. Faith is my invisible companion who silently tells me things will be alright.  No one else but me can hear what faith is telling me.  On my journey up the current mountain I’m trying to conquer faith is what’s pushing me along.  Faith is pretty persistent and won’t allow me to give up.  When I fall down and feel defeated faith yells at me to rise back up and keep going.  And I do.  Because that’s what having faith is…..the courage to go on no matter what.