Creating your own miracle

I remember reading a story years ago about someone who had played Santa and gave gifts out to some underprivileged yet very deserving children.  I can’t remember all the details of the story but there were not enough presents in the big bag for all the children that were there anxiously awaiting a gift.  The person who was playing Santa knew there were a very limited number of gifts in the bag and that some of the children would receive nothing.  After the last gift was taken out of the bag there were still children waiting.  “Santa” knew when he reached in the bag again it would be empty.  I imagine he didn’t have the heart to tell the remaining children that the gifts were all gone.  I know I wouldn’t have. Still, he reached into the empty bag, hoping for a miracle.  And, a miracle is exactly what he got.  Each time he reached back into the empty bag another gift miraculously appeared. This happened until every child had received a gift and there were no more waiting. Santa had created his own miracle by putting every ounce of his thoughts and energy into wishing, hoping and praying for a miracle, and… happened.

While I’m not entirely sure if this story even really happened it doesn’t much matter.  What does matter is that it is an excellent example of how you can create your own miracle.  You can focus hard on what you want, pray about it and manifest it into creation.  The Santa in the story above wanted so badly for there to be more presents every time he reached into the empty bag that he willed it to happen.  We also can will something to happen in our own lives.

I willed things to happen in my own life on several occasions.  I didn’t realize it then that this was what I was doing but in retrospect that’s exactly what I did.  Some of those things were small, even trivial.  A few of them were monumental.  I needed something in my life and I focused all my prayers and attention on it and it came to me.  It didn’t always come in the way I wanted it to but after the fact I saw that it came exactly how it was needed to best serve me and my needs at the time.   Some of the miracles were people who were brought into my life.  Those people are ones I choose to view as angels without wings.

The miracle I am working on creating right now is one I’ve been giving my prayers and attention to for a while.  It hasn’t been 100% in my focus though as I’ve had other distractions going on.  I’m guessing that this is why my miracle has been evading me.  It’s time now for me to get serious about creating this miracle.  I have a deadline for this miracle to occur but I know it will happen.  You could say I have unwavering faith that it will happen even though plenty of other people believe that it won’t or can’t happen.   I cannot and will not allow any negative thoughts about it to enter my mind.  Positive thoughts ONLY.  I have a tunnel vision focus on this miracle and I will see it come to pass how I want it to.  I have a very clear mental picture of it.

Though my Santa’s gift bag appears empty at the moment I know when I reach into it my miracle gift WILL be there.  God will have wrapped it up for me in the most splendid paper with a perfectly shaped bow.  I’ll take my time opening my gift because I’ll want to savor the moment, remembering every minute detail of it. I’ll then give my sincere thanks and gratitude to Him for answering my prayers and sending me my miracle.