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The power of a hurricane

Many years ago there was a powerful hurricane in the area where I live. That hurricane deposited a large acreage sand pit at the shoreline and it eventually became part of land that was already there.  Years later that large sand pit is a well known part of the area, complete with many homes and businesses. It’s the first piece of land visible as you emerge from the tunnel you drive through when going across the water here.  For us, it’s a landmark.  That piece of land wasn’t there before that powerful hurricane ripped through and created it.  In the path of destruction something new was born. Continue reading

What positive thoughts look like



I write a lot about positive thinking and how it can change your life.  I can talk (or write) all day long about how thinking positively instead of negatively can make a huge impact on your life.  While it’s nice to read about it it finally dawned on me that some people need definitive proof of some things.  I’m a visual learner and things sink into my brain better by seeing them as opposed to hearing them.   That means I love books with pictures……LOTS of pictures.  Seeing a picture helps me to remember the information I’ve learned so much better than by just reading about it.

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Relationship bankruptcy



There are many types of relationships in this world……dating, marriage, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and so forth.  Sometimes those relationships are good.  They can even be spectacular.  But sometimes they aren’t so good.  They can be downright awful.  You may have put your heart and soul into it but no matter what you do or how hard you try it’s still no good. It has literally sucked the life right out of you.  You’ve exhausted all your efforts into the relationship and it probably won’t ever be good.  When that happens you’ve experienced relationship bankruptcy and it’s best to file your Chapter 7 on it and move on.

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Happiness is an inside job


Happiness is the one thing that we all want in life.  I’d say it’s pretty much the number one desired thing in the world.  Yet, so many people never find it…..not ever. They spend their lives chasing happiness in other people, places, experiences or tangible objects only to never find it.  I did the same thing myself for years until I discovered where to look.  It was somewhere I hadn’t looked before.  Somewhere I didn’t even THINK to look.  I found true happiness……inside myself.  It was right in front of me all along. Continue reading

Filling your spiritual cup


In the years of my borderline atheism I did not believe in the existence of your “spiritual cup”  I didn’t really believe there was anyone  there to fill that cup up with anything so how could there even be a cup?  It’s been over six years since the night I found out there was someone there and that there certainly was such a thing as a spiritual cup.  It absolutely DOES exist. Continue reading

The power of forgiveness


I forgive you.

Three words that hold so much power.

Three words that can dramatically change your life.

Three words that can release you from a prison with unseen bars.

These three words will set you free if you can bring yourself to say them.  But, you have to mean them.  And I mean really mean them.   Continue reading

I can see clearly now


Back in the early 1970’s there was a song written and recorded by Johnny Nash called “I Can See Clearly Now”.  It’s a catchy little song with happy lyrics.  I’d sing along with it every time it came on the radio.  Even though I knew every word by heart I never really listened to the song.  I just sang the words on auto-pilot.   Continue reading

We are all indelible


The dictionary defines the word indelible as “impossible to remove or forget” and “lasting, unforgettable and memorable“.  It can be used to reference something you see, as in “That Broadway play left an indelible impression on me”.  It can reference a place you go to, as in “The trip we took to Mexico was my family’s most indelible experience”.  Another way this word is used is to describe a person, as in “I met the most amazing person.  He left an indelible mark on my life”. Continue reading

How to keep going when you feel like you can’t


There are some days when we feel like we just can’t go on any longer.  No matter what, we just CAN’T.  There are a thousand problems with no answers.  Some are small but some are of great magnitude.  We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and it gets heavier by the second.  We try to lift the weight off but we can’t.  We feel defeated.  These are the days that we feel deep in our core like just giving up. Continue reading

If you don’t try you’ve already failed


There’s a quote by Joseph Campbell that says “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  I love this quote because it’s so spot on the truth about what fear is.  Fear literally keeps us from all the good things in our life if we allow it.  We fear failure.  We fear rejection.  We fear being told no.  We fear being shunned, ridiculed or laughed at.  We even fear fear itself.  Fear can keep us in a stranglehold if we let it. Continue reading

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