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Month: December 2015

Out with the old, in with the new


Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life you’ve no doubt heard the song “Auld Lang Syne”.  It’s traditionally sung on New year’s Eve to ring in the new year.  You’ve probably sung that song many times and never given a second thought to what exactly those three words mean.   Continue reading

Christmas presence

Christmas Presence

As children the greatest thing ever is to get up on Christmas morning and run to the tree to see all the presents that Santa has left for us.  We stop in the doorway and drink in every bit of Christmas morning before tiptoeing into the room.  We’re mesmerized by the mountain of gifts and stockings full of trinkets and candy.  We wonder how in the world Santa can deliver presents to all the children in the world in just one night.  Surely, he MUST be magic.  What other explanation can there be?

Continue reading

One little daily affirmation can change your whole life

Henry Ford Quote

Years ago there was an ongoing skit on Saturday Night Live about a character named Stuart Smalley.  Stuart hosted his own self-help TV show called “Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley.”  Stuart was a man who had low self-esteem stemming from his dysfunctional family and he belonged to many different support groups, some of them being fictional.   His mission was to help others feel good about themselves through sharing his own experiences in life.   Continue reading

Showing grace, even when they don’t deserve it

Show grace

Grace is a word that has many definitions.  When we hear the word grace the first thing people probably think of is the blessing we say before a meal.   They may also think of someone they know whose name is Grace.  It’s a popular name again and many parents are choosing to give this beautiful name to their newborn daughters.  But did you know that grace also has other meanings?  One of those is to show a person kindness, even if they don’t deserve it.   Continue reading

Speak what you WANT to be, not what you THINK you are

I Wish

I had a little revelation recently about how I define myself. This light bulb that went off over my head came after I had left church.  I talked to the pastor about The Micah Principle and explained to him what it was, how it came about through divine inspiration and what I wanted it to be. Continue reading

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